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  • All products include a care card with detailed info for how to maintain your board. If you lose the card, follow these simple steps:

    WASHING: Hand wash both sides of the board evenly with a warm damp cloth. Never submerge or soak your board in water or use a dishwasher.

    CONDITIONING: Use a small amount of conditioner and apply to both sides of the board, including the edges. Let the conditioner absorb and wipe away any excess. Conditioning after each cleaning helps repel foods/liquids and prevent any staining, cracking, and warping that may naturally occur.

    STORAGE: Store your board in a flat and dry area away from any extreme hot or cold temperatures.

    WARPING: May occur as wood naturally expands and contracts. Routinely conditioning your board is the best way to prevent this, however, even a perfectly maintained board can warp due to several factors such as humidity, how long the timber was seasoned, and the type of wood it’s made out of.

  • We recommend washing and conditioning your board after every use to help extend the life of the product.

  • All Triple C serving boards are made with face-grain lumber and although they can withstand light cutting, they are not designed for the abuses of sharp cutting edges from knives or other implements. If you plan on using the board to prepare food where more cutting is involved, we recommend going with a cutting board instead of a serving board.

  • Starting with a clean and dry board, we recommend sanding by hand or with an orbital sander in a 3-step process:


    1) 120 grit

    2) 220 grit

    3) 320 grit


    After sanding, wipe the board clean of any sanding dust and then apply a generous coat of our hardwood conditioner.

  • In general, oily or greasy foods should be avoided since they could potentially stain the board (olives, marinated foods, sauces, etc). If you want to serve greasy or oily foods on your board, we recommend placing them in a small dish or container.

  • Our hardwood conditioner kits are avialable in 2oz & 4oz sizes and include a microfiber applicator. Depending on the application rate, a 2oz container will cover about 25 applications on a small 5x10" board and about 18 on a large 8x16" board. The 4oz container will cover about 50 applications on a small 5x10" board and about 30 on a large 8x16" board.

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