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CNC Machine making custom edge grain cutting board personalized.

About Us

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Triple C Hardwood designs shop making personalized serving boards
Personalized wedding gift charcuterie boards
Personalized laser engraved dog bowl
Triple C Hardwood designs personalized cutting board manufacturing

Founded in 2021.

At Triple C, our mission is simple: create high quality artisan products using a mix of old fashioned craftsmanship and high-tech precision CNC machining.

Triple C Hardwood designs personalized cutting board manufacturing

A husband and wife duo

Tony, the CEO of Triple C Hardwood Designs, has been around woodworking since he was able to walk. Going to work with his father who was a talented carpenter and learning the finer points of the woodworking trade has created a wealth of knowledge to draw from. Tony is now retired after 37 years as an electrical engineer in the automotive industry and is finally able to return to his childhood passion - woodworking. 

Judy, Tony's wife, is responsible for customer care and handles all aspects of product packaging, shipping, and logistics. As a retired nurse, she always found herself intrigued with Tony's woodworking projects and decided to help him turn a family hobby into a business venture. Triple C is a true family-owned mom and pop shop dedicated to handcrafting quality products in Southeast Michigan.

A story about quality

Tony relates a story about quality - “ a young kid of about 10 years old, I helped my dad install the base molding in a new home. I was on cloud nine with an old carpenter’s apron from Banner Lumber Yard that held my finish nails, pencil, nail set, and trim hammer. Using a scribe, ruler, coping saw, and miter box I was so excited after finishing my first job.


My dad then came into a room to inspect my work. He went straight into a bedroom closet and looked at an obscure corner and then another hidden behind an open door. At the time I was too young to understand why – but he said "If you do quality work in areas that are hidden, then the visible portion of the room will be just fine.”  This dedication to quality is ingrained into all aspects of Triple C Hardwood Designs.

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